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Birth place & residency (Short history) :- Born England shortly after WW2 & lived in Kidsgrove Staffordshire up to my early twenties then moved to Alsager. Worked as an apprentice with English Electric (Computer engineering), then over to Hydronyl (Chemical industry mechanical engineering), consultant engineer with ICI & then later Badgers in London (Petro Chemical Engineering). Came to Norway with work in 1977 for Norsk Hydro thro Badgers, then later direct with NH, later joined Trosvik Engineering (Mechanical engineering, Drilling rigs),  then Kværner Process & Kværner Subsea who then became  Aker Solutions (subsea engineering Oil & Gas). I am a permanent resident of Norway & changed to Norwegian citizenship in 1995.


Started interest in photography from early 20's together with an interest in motor sport, where I developed skills in action photography, those days it was self reverse developing on films especialy for making Dias slides in black & white.


Photo life :- When moving to Norway my interest turned to landscape

photography naturally due to the accessibility of the wonderful vast

countryside ranging from the fjords to the mountains. 

Later my interest turned to wild life especialy bird photography where I was later an active member of the Norwegian Ornithological Society (NOA) & web photo sites DIGIT, Treknature, Woophy, Fickr, &

I am to date a member of NOFOA (Norges Ornitologisk Forening, Oslo & Akershus).


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Michael Hilditch

(Preferred short name :- Mike)


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Address:  Nesbyen, Norway


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